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Welcome to American Birth Certificate

American Birth Certificate is a full service provider of certified birth certificates and American passports. We are able to provide certified copies of birth certificates for all states except Hawaii, New Mexico, Louisiana and Iowa. These birth certificates are provided by the appropriate state or county bureau of vital statistics agency in the state, county or parish you were born in. They can be used to apply for your passport, obtain a drivers license, for travel into Canada, Mexico or any other country that only requires a drivers license and birth certificate to enter. The average process times for 95% of the states we service is 1 to 3 days. There are some that take longer so please take the time to verify your states process time.

Our passports are generally obtained from the Houston branch of the federal passport office. You must be in possession of a certified birth certificate or a certificate of naturalization to apply for an American passport. We make no exceptions. The average process time for a passport is 3 to 5 days with proof of departure and can take as long as 25 days without proof of departure.