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Renewal of Your Passport

You may apply for a passport renewal if:

1. If you have your expired passport in your possesion.
2. If you have a passport that was issued less than 15 years ago.
3. If your passport was issued after you were 16 years old.
4. If you have the same name your passport was issued in or if not you have legal proof of your name change.(example:marriage certificate or divorce decree)
NOTE:You can renew a current passport if it is within 5 years of expiration.
If you meet one of the following criteria please follow these instructions:

Please gather the following documents______________________________________

1. A completed DSP-82 form.(you may download a copy from our site)
2. Two passport photographs.(Taken with passport camera)
3. Your expired passport
4. Check or money order made payable to the “Department of State” in the amount of $127.00.
5. A release letter signed and dated by applicant. (You may download one here.Adult release letter)
6. If you are departing in less than 2 weeks you will need to show proof of departure.(copy of airline ticket,itinerary or Company letter of expedite)

Please include the following items in your package:

1. All documents listed above.
2. Your American Passports and Foriegn Visas Work order.
3. Your payment if not billing to a credit card.