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Our ability to provide expedited passports is due to our ability to have an agent submit your passport application by hand. Some of the benefits are most importantly time. Walking your application in by hand allows us to take weeks off the processing times. On average it would take you 4 to 6 weeks to get your passport through the postal system. We can do it in 3 to 5 days and faster under special circumstances. Another huge benefit of using our service is instant feedback. Through the postal system any notification of error in your application process would be sent to you by mail. With our service you will have instant feedback if there is a problem the accepting agent will inform us of the problem and we will immediately call you and provide solutions. Whether it involves you just providing missed information, faxing copies of documents or overnighting new documents. Whatever the case we will fix the problem in hours not weeks. Another often overlooked benefit is the return of your passport through Federal Express instead of regular mail. We will be able to track and insure your passport.