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Birth Certificate Virginia

Getting your birth certificate in Virginia is easier than you might think. You just have to apply for it in the steps that they want you to apply for it. Their website will have all the details on it. You just need to go to the Office of Vital Records. It’s on the website for the Virginia Department of Health. The Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics is a busy website. They get about 30,000 calls each month. They get about 9,000 walk-in visitors. They have in excess of seven million records.

It just takes three methods for getting a certified copy of your birth certificate.

  1. Mail-in request. The turnaround time is about two to four weeks from the day that the request actually comes into the office. However, people should allow for adequate delivery time of all certified public copies.

If you are going to mail in your request, they require a signed application, readable identification documentation, and payment before they can process the order. You need to include the following details with the request that you make. You need the birth name, birth date, birth place, mother’s full name, father’s full name, relationship to who’s listed on the certificate, reason for getting the certificate, and an area code and daytime phone number.

You need to also include a return address and a $12 fee.

  1. You can walk-in. You get same-day service for walk-in customers. This is the most expedited method for obtaining a vital record that’s certified. When you come in, you will fill out the application, pay the $12 mandatory fee, and give the processing clerk a real photo ID.

When you come in, you will have to fill out an application, pay the set out amount, and give the processing clerk a legitimate photo ID, and you will then take birth certificate back with you when you walk out the door. The hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 4:45 PM. The walk-in service is the fastest way to get your birth certificate. It couldn’t be any easier or faster. You have nothing to lose by just going in there and getting it, compared to days or weeks lost when you order it through other ways. If you don’t wanna drive there, just get a friend to drive you.

  1. You can also get express delivery with the VitalChek Network. For your ease, you can process requests online through an independent company that the governmental division has partnered up with. VitalChek is a business that a lot of state governments are partnered up with. It’s a perfectly legitimate way to get your birth certificate.

When you’re on the website, you can just click the VitalChek website link, and then you can order from there. It’s extremely easy, and it shouldn’t take any time away from you. You’ll be spend hardly any time on the website filling out your order application. The VitalChek system couldn’t be any easier.