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Birth Certificate Oklahoma

If you’re in Oklahoma, and you were born in Oklahoma, it shouldn’t be any problem getting a certified birth certificate copy. You just have to come up with a small fee, follow the required steps, and you’ll get the birth certificate sent back to you in the mail. There’s nothing to it. Anyone could go through with it. It’s not the endless bureaucratic maze that you might imagine it to be. It’s just a simple step-by-step process that they list on a government website in the state. You will have to be the actual person, or the parents or legal guardians of the person, to get the birth certificate copy though.

You can get a certified birth certificate copy from the Oklahoma State Department of Health Vital Records Service.

You have to have certain information to get a copy of your birth certificate. The details help them to help you, and it lets them process your request in an expedited manner. If the information isn’t provided, then it could result in your birth certificate being delayed. You will need a lot of information for them to process a birth certificate request. You will have to have a full birth name, birth date, the birth place, father’s full name, mother’s full name, relationship to who’s birth certificate is being requested, daytime phone number, handwritten signature, return address, and a photo ID.

You need to fill out the application form to get a certified copy of your birth certificate. You can fill out the form online, but you need to have the latest form of Adobe Acrobat. You will need to have your birth facts, valid identification, fees, and certificate entitlement. The fee is $15. If there is a delayed birth registration, then the fee is $40. If there’s a birth certificate substitution, then the fee is $40. If there are amendments to the birth certificate, it’s $40. If you’re ordering an heirloom birth certificate, then the fee is $35. There is a handy chart on the website so you can see the different prices laid out for different kinds of requests. To just get a certified copy of your birth certificate though, it’s $15.

The waiting time can be kind of extensive. It can take four weeks if you mail in a request for a certified birth certificate copy. It can be just one hour if you go in person to do it. They don’t take online orders directly, but you can process your orders through a company they’ve partnered with, and it’s called VitalChek. VitalCheck is a common part of most state governments’ online records processing orders. It’s partnered up with the state governments in several different states. Don’t feel hesitant to order through them because they’re very credible and trustworthy, and they have been a long-time partner of many state government websites.

You can download the form on the website to fill out and mail back in. Or, you can fill out a form online. Oklahoma has been collecting birth certificates since 1908.